Tube China 2020


NO.E1, E1C24

Exhibitors Products

  • Tube right-left bending machine
    This transfluid t bend solution with turning head permits collision-free right-left bending at demanding installation spaces and plant positioning. With this dynamic solution, pipes can be efficiently and economically processed right-/leftwards. The standard equipment includes two tool levels on each bending head. The machine can be equipped with a system for free forming of large radii. Loading magazines, automated handling systems and a robot-supported production can be implemented as well.
  • Bending machine for large tubes
    This powerful transfluid CNC mandrel bending machine bends tubes with diameters between 20 and 120 mm without any effort. Thick- and thin-walled tubes of any material and also with radii of 1.5 x tube diameter or smaller can be machined. This is made possible by sophisticated control and machine technology. Short set-up times - partly less than 10 minutes - increase the economic efficiency and optimise the flexibility.
  • Tube forming: Combination machine
    Special challenges require special solutions. transfluid developed an impressively high-performance dual pack for pipe forming. The solution providers combine the benefits of rolling and axial pipe forming in their combination machine t form. With this combined pipe forming system, cutting can be performed before axial pipe forming or a compressed geometry can be subsequently rolled. The tool changes are completed very quickly.