Tube China 2022

Thermprocess, Industrial Furnace & Thermal Technology Summit 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has a deep impact on the development of metallurgical industry, but as the old saying goes - Opportunities always exist in crises. In order to seize the new opportunities from the revolution of science and technology as well as the industry transformation, Thermprocess, Industrial Furnace & Thermal Technology Summit was held concurrently at Tube China 2020. Several experts and representatives from universities and industry leading companies discussed with the audiences about tube heat treatment, technological innovation of furnace processing and industry development trend.

Some of the Hot Topics

- Thermal Processes, Mathematical models, and Optimal Online Control of Seamless Steel Tube Production Lines

- Intelligent Powder Smelting Line Construction and Steel Charge Production Innovations

- Development Trends of Heat Treatment Technology for Special Steel Wire Rods

- Smart Mobile Induction Heating

- Application of Induction Heating in Tube Processing

- Common Temperature Measurement Methods for Heat Treatment of Pipeline Materials - Non-contact Temperature Measurement and Contact Temperature Measurement