Tube China 2022

Marposs Aeroel Barline.X laser system measures tube ODs

Marposs has introduced the Aeroel Barline.X system for measuring the OD of products manufactured in cut lengths, such as steel drawn tubes and copper tubing. With online gauging and continuous through-feed measurement, the system provides real-time grinder regulation, automatically preventing the production of out-of-tolerance products.


The system can measure diameter and ovality of stock from 0.00394 to 5.86 in. using either a single- or dual-axis (XY) laser gauge, depending on the diameter range and the type of product. The noncontact system is impervious to product vibration and movement, enabling continuous inspection.


In most cases, the sensor can be installed just after the grinding wheel and before the oiling device so that the use of oil doesn’t interfere with gauging accuracy. In this position, the tube can be cleaned easily by blowing away the emulsion.

The system features a patented self-calibration device that helps ensure permanent gauge accuracy with no remastering required. Software offers guided menus to simplify use, even for untrained staff. Factory preprogramming makes the system immediately operative in its basic functions.


Source: the fabricator