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China's Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Technology Has Made A Breakthrough

PetroChina announced that China's natural gas pipeline construction technology has made a breakthrough——the parallel construction of three super large diameter natural gas pipelines with minimum spacing has been realized for the first time.


The construction project of Zhongwei Second Station of the West-East Gas Pipeline III is located at the construction site of Zhongwei in Ningxia, close to the Tengger Desert, and the region is ecologically fragile. To minimize the disturbance to the environment, three pipelines with a diameter of more than 1.2 meters were constructed in parallel in a 15-meter-wide trench for the first time.


The construction project of Zhongwei Second Station includes a station yard, 4 new pipelines, 6 pipelines rerouted, and 10 pipelines converge to the same hub station. It is currently the largest natural gas transmission hub station in China.


After the completion of Zhongwei Second Station, it will realize the interconnection of West-East Gas Pipeline I, West-East Gas Pipeline II, Zhonggui Line, Zhongjing Line, the west section and the middle section of West-East Gas Pipeline III through Zhongwei Second Station, which is of great significance to the improvement of the interconnection efficiency of national energy pipelines.