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Baoji Steel Pipe Conquers the Core Technology of Hydrogen Transmission Pipe

Recently, the reporter learned from Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baoji Steel Pipe) that since January 31st, the company has produced more than 3,100 tons of spiral hydrogen-blended welded pipes with a diameter of 457 millimeters and a wall thickness of 8.8 millimeters for the Baotou-Linhe hydrogen-blended pipeline. The product quality and supply efficiency have been recognized by customers, making another breakthrough in the field of hydrogen energy transportation.


Hydrogen energy utilization is a national strategy for green development. The technology of blending hydrogen in natural gas, which is an effective way to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, has been widely favored by the industry in recent years. A large number of research results have shown that the gas mixture formed by blending hydrogen into natural gas in a certain volume ratio can improve the combustion performance of terminal equipment, effectively increase the combustion value, and reduce nitrogen oxide pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.


"In terms of long-distance and large-scale hydrogen-blended natural gas transportation, pipeline transportation is more economical, safe, and green than traditional canned transportation. However, hydrogen molecules are extremely permeable to metals, which can easily lead to hydrogen embrittlement or hydrogen breakage in pipelines. Currently, hydrogen-blended pipelines built sporadically in China generally transport natural gas with a hydrogen blending ratio of less than 5%, which seriously restricts the utilization of hydrogen energy". Liu Bin, a senior engineer of Baoji Steel Pipe, told reporters that to eliminate the technical bottleneck of small size and strong permeability of hydrogen molecules, the company has concentrated on scientific and technological research, overcome several technical problems, and successfully developed a pipeline capable of transporting 10% hydrogen-blended natural gas in recent years. The company began to undertake the production of batch hydrogen-blended pipelines this year.


"In recent years, relying on the technical strength and talent advantages of the National Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline Engineering Technology Research Center, we have overcome a number of technical problems from participating in the formulation of standards, to tackling key problems in the core technology of hydrogen pipelines, and then to industrial application, and have always been at the forefront of the industry." Bi Zongyue, the company's chief technical expert, introduced that in the next step, Baoji Steel Pipe will continue to give full play to its industry-leading advantages, strengthen scientific and technological research, and contribute to maintaining national energy and resource security and promoting green development.