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BST eltromat and LAP cooperate

BST eltromat manufactures quality assurance systems for the web processing industry. LAP is a manufacturer of laser components.

The companies BST eltromat International and LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen enter into a sales cooperation. Both companies are part of the worldwide market leaders in their branches. BST eltromat manufactures quality assurance systems for the web processing industry. LAP is a manufacturer of laser components. BST eltromat would like to meet the customers’ demands and requirements regarding the permanently increasing requirements for quality. 

Thus, in the future, BST eltromat will also offer LAP laser positioning systems. Due to the cooperation with BST eltromat, LAP will expand the sales channels for their servo driven laser systems in the tire manufacturing industry.

Laser positioning systems are integrated in tire building machines and are crucial for the quality assurance in the tire manufacturing process. They project laser lines precisely and allow the machine operator to visually control the position of the individual layers during tire building. The servo driven laser systems are equipped with movable laser modules which can be positioned completely independently from each other. 

Due to the high traversing speed up to 1000 mm/sec, it is possible to save an enormous amount of time. Moreover, tire manufacturers will also benefit the reliability and durability of this laser precision technology. The high automation and system integration competence of BST eltromat enables a fully functional and fast integration of these laser systems in customer-owned machines.

The extended product portfolio is an important benefit for our customers. We started this cooperation in order to expand our portfolio of quality and automation solutions and thus to enable a more efficient production output for our customers in the tire manufacturing industry. Regarding quality and functionality, the laser positioning systems from LAP exactly meet our demands. We are looking forward to working with LAP", summarizes Klaus Hamacher, Head of Automation at BST eltromat. 

Customers in the printing and paper, foil, rubber and tire industries benefit from high-end quality assurance, smooth production processes and first-class service around the world. Subsidiaries, partners and agents ensure individual and perfect customer support worldwide. Moreover, BST eltromat offers solutions for web guiding, video web inspection, 100% inspection, surface inspection, color measurement, color management, register control, automation and layer thickness and basis weight measurement. LAP can rely on a worldwide operating partner who is one of the leading manufacturers of quality assurance systems and who also has a well-positioned worldwide sales network.

In return, LAP will contribute its longtime know-how as a leading quality manufacturer of high-precision laser technologies. „Well-known companies use our tried and tested laser positioning systems in the tire industry worldwide. BST eltromat is a perfect partner for LAP in order to increase the concentration on the retrofit business. The cooperation opens up new attractive possibilities to strengthen our global market position”, explains Caren Lüdemann, Sales Manager for SERVOLASER Xpert at LAP. 

With its laser based solutions for measurement and projection for industrial and medical applications, LAP holds a leading position in the market. The portfolio includes line lasers, laser projectors and measurement systems as well as complete solutions for companies in the tire, automotive, aerospace and steel industries and others. With its headquarters in Germany, international subsidiaries and a global partner network, LAP takes care of customers worldwide.

Source: BST eltromat International GmbH