Tube China 2020
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Exhibitors Products

  • Welded Tubes & Pipes
    Rhinox produces various types of welded tubes & pipes. To produce the best quality products, we put the cost-effective technology by controlling the surface of tubes & pipes. The applications of the products are engines for automobiles, metallic cases for industrial pumps, which require to have high resistance to corrosion.
  • High-Precision Components
    Various shapes of flanges and bars which is made of high mechanical strength materials are produced by CNC machining. The key technology for these products is how to control the roughness of the outer and hole surface of workpieces. These products are used as a component of mass flow controllers in semiconductor industry, motors in automobile industry.
  • Ferrule Tube
    Rhinox produces ferrule tubes that are inserted into the heat exchanger tube inlet. For the stable expanding of the products we apply multi-stage press process. From the shape of a commonly used curve to the shape of a right angle, we manufacturs in various shapes as customer’s demand.
  • Coated Pipe with different kind of metal
    One of Rhinox’s key technology is coating technology with different kind of metal. To minimize defects on the coating layer, Rhinox applies technique of fusion of coating and cold working. Coating different types of metals by selection, we produce functional pipes which have independent characters in the inner and outer walls.