Tube China 2020
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Exhibitors Products

  • Tube welding support roller
    The Tube welding support roller is used to support and rotate small diameter pipe fittings during welding. Since it can be tited 45 degree both left side and right side, and the workpiece is firmly fixed to obtain the ideal welding posture. This machine can minmize the effect of center runout by grabbing near the welding line. The rotation of the driving wheel perorms stable speed change at wider area by inverter controlled motor.
  • Automatic pipe welding device
    The PIPE ACE consists of a control power source ,a drive handle and a chamber head. Applicable to sanitary pipes,standard SU pipes,scheduler pipes and other stainless steel pipes.For a wide variety of joints and special-shaped workpieces.By assembling different ranges of chamber head, it can achieve a high pipe diameter from 3.18 to 216.3mm. Quality welding. For digital memory soldering conditions, stable soldering can be performed by simply setting the exhalation conditions on the touch screen.