Tube China 2020

Bending with robots

Quality and tradition: the engineering company transfluid from Schmallenberg has been producing the so-called mobile bender for the past 30 years. This universal tube bending machine with strong results has a quality that will convince any user, in particular in the field of hydraulics tubing: this mobile bender can process tubes with diameters from 6 to 42 mm.

“What is special about our mobile bender is that it offers all the functions you need for hydraulics tubing and it only needs a very small production area, just one square meter”, explains Stefanie Flaeper, sales managing director.


The transfluid MB 642 mobile bending machine has a bending system and either a circular saw or a deburring unit can be added. Accessories for cutting ring pre-assembly and flaring complete the range of possibilities.

All tubes that are used in hydraulics can be bent with this machine, like those with thin tube walls or pressure pipes with thick walls. For instance, it can also process tubes up to 42 mm and wall thickness up to 4 mm without any problems, or a 38x6 mm tube.


“With this machine you can produce extremely compact tube configurations. No other machine can achieve the same compact tube processing”, highlights Flaeper.

The bending radii are 2-2.5xD on average. Occasionally, a 3xD radius is achieved with tubes with thin walls. Another advantage is that the machine has a very compact bending head and that the tubes move in an empty space, so there are no collision points with the machine.


The bending angle adjustment on the transfluid MB 642 bending machine makes it possible to produce bends with precise bending angles. It is not necessary to have a straight area between the bends, which means the complete bending geometry can be extremely compact.


These tubes do not have a swivelling range either, so that very long tubes too can be processed in very tight spaces without any problems. Everything is very compact, making the machine ideal for mobile use.


Trimming and cutting can also be done directly on the machine. The burring unit can prepare the tubes for further processing.

As such tubes are usually supplied with the corresponding connections, the mobile bending machine also has an integrated tool for cutting ring pre-assembly that can fit all the standard cutting rings on the market.


If it is necessary to use a flaring device instead of the cutting ring one, it is possible to switch them by hand with one single operation, making it possible to process the different types of connections without any problems. The simplicity of the transfluid bending machine is convincing. Using it requires no training.


Source:Tube Düsseldorf