Tube China 2020

Find Qualified Suppliers from Thermprocess China Pavilion

After two-month battle against COVID-19, majority of manufacturing companies in China have resumed production to normal level. In order to maintain the stability of industrial chain and supply chain, Chinese central bank released about 400 billion yuan of long-term funds to support the substantial economy. At the same time, provincial governments continue to increase relevant policies to boost the production of medium and small companies.


Online business platform seems like a new star after the outbreak, but to purchase expensive machinery, face-to-face communication and onsite experience will be still important to purchasing decisions.


Positive economy policies and the real experience which offline exhibitions can bring to the buyers make some corporations confirm their participation in Tube China 2020, including leading brands from heat treatment processing industry. They trust there will be more business opportunities and potential buyers in the next half year.


Featured Edition: Discover Innovations from Thermprocess Pavilion


ECM Technologies

ECM was founded in 1928 and has supplied all kinds of heat treatment equipment worldwide. Since 1980’s, ECM invent low pressure carburizing process-INFRACARB®, design and manufacture ICBP® low pressure carburizing furnace. 



Thermatool's priority is to deliver the pipe and tube industry quality HF welding and heat treating equipment, power supplies for heat treat, high speed cutting and the most technologically advantages.


Wieland Electric

Wieland Electric is an electrical and electronics company which was founded in 1910. Safe electrical connections are at the heart of the product range. Wieland samos PRO compact safety control system can be used in thermoprocess plants and machines of monitoring analog signals.


WS Wärmeprozesstechnik

WS is an owner operated enterprise which was founded in 1982. Since then, it specialized on highly efficient and low emission burner systems for industrial furnaces. Activities include research, engineering and design, production, sales and service worldwide.



HANDUK R-FECO is a company which specializes in manufacturing continuous bright heat treatment furnaces for steel pipes (automobiles, heat exchangers), stainless steel pipes (304,316, duplex), OCTG (API), copper pipes, etc.


Dungs China

Dungs China offers total solutions and products for industrial process combustion. The engineering and service team has proven application expertise in food drying, automotive, environmental, heat treatment and metals processing, etc.


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Tube China 2020 will be located at Hall E1-E3 in Shanghai International Expo Center, and heat treament products will be showcased at Hall E1. Register now to visit, and you will get fast pass to network with global leading suppliers.


Besides, 5 or more people can group into a delegation to visit Tube China, and each memeber will get exclusive benefits including match making service, free show catalogue, and nice souvenir, etc.


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