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Primetals receives final acceptance for copper rod mill

The final acceptance was awarded for a copper rod mill supplied to Southwire Company, USA for China's largest copper producer. To expand its production capacity, Jiangxi Copper Company contracted with Southwire Company for an SCR 9000 copper rod mill including shearing, rolling, and coiling equipment supplied by Primetals Technologies.

This is the first mill to achieve 54 metric tons per hour, the highest capacity system ever supplied by Southwire, which was installed in the Guangdong Province of China. The project recently received a final acceptance certificate after passing all performance guarantee tests.


Primetals Technologies was responsible for engineering, manufacturing and commissioning the shearing, rolling, and coiling equipment for the SCR 9000, which produces electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper rods for electrical wire and cable applications. The contract included an optimised roll pass for minimum tension rolling (MTR) to increase roll life and deliver superior diametrical tolerances.


Primetals Technologies supplied two roughing mills, one with a 457-mm stand and the second with four 305-mm stands, a 610-mm entry shear and table, a 320-mm intermediate rotary shear and table, an eight-stand finishing mill with independently driven stands, lubrication systems, guide equipment, a pickling line, two pinch rolls, a rod circumferential wax applicator, a rollerised turndown, coiler and a fully automatic recirculating conveyor system for Southwire supplied automatic coil weighing, pallet destacking, compacting and strapping, and stretch wrapping. The mill now runs 54 metric tons per hour for an annual capacity of 353,000 metric tons and is designed to produce 8, 9.5, 12.7, 16 and 18 mm-diameter rods. This is the third copper rod mill supplied to Southwire by Primetals Technologies for Jiangxi Copper Company.


Source:Heat Processing