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​​​​​​​Sawing, Laser Cutting, Tube bending, Forming technology.. Here are more equipment at coming Tube China 2023

Selecting reliable pipe processing equipment is not only an important factor in the process of producing high-quality pipe finished products, but also the cornerstone for the pipe industry to achieve the goals of "double carbon" and "high-quality development". Tube China 2023 has gathered a series of representative pipe processing equipment companies with industry's top production and processing technology!


One-stop Sourcing Platform for Tube & Pipe industry, 14-16 June 2023, Shanghai New International Expo Center.



W4-1C01, Hall W4-1

CNC Tube bending machine RBV 25 R-KSB

Designed for the production of head rest frames with high output thanks to pioneering design features.Ensures high flexbility and operating convenience. Optimized machine structure for linking one or more machines in a machinery system,including optimized loading and unlouding of the machine. Short set-up times due to quick and precise tool changes with mono-block tools.




W4F04, Hall W4

Steel pipe baling equipment/Robotics Applications

Through the automatic baler + robot,build an intelligent back-end packaging production line, create an intelligent unmanned packaging line for customers, reduce labor costs and eliminate safety accidents. Mainly for steel pipe, welded pipe, cast pipe, seamless pipe, stainless steel pipe, galvanized pipe and aluminum rod copper bar and other industries developed steel pipe/tube bar baler, etc., can be attached palletizing, weighing, coding and winding functions.



China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd                          

W4E14, Hall W4

Pipe forming machine and production line

China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co. Ltd is a service provider of heavy machinery. Our company is focusing on heavy machinery services since 1956, integrating core technology, engineering capability, complete supply chain, manufacture partners and construction partners as a whole to provide total solutions for customers worldwide.We provide multiple services including general contracting, EPC, consultation, supervision, equipment detection, etc. on ironmaking, steelmaking, continuous casting, rolling, processing, forging, stamping,extrusion,oil/gas transmission,eco-plant,etc.




W4E14, Hall W4

ScarfMaster NG

The PVD coated carbide tipped ScarfMaster NG has especially been designed for flying cut-off applications dealing with inside scarfed tubes.

It is specifically being developed for cutting S355/1020, MnBalloyed and high carbon steels.




W4B08, Hall W4


Pyrometers measure the infra- red radiation of the objects and calculate the temperature according to the Planck’s law of radiation. The radiation is measured contactless from a safe distance without destroying the workpiece. The tempera- ture is recorded in a few milliseconds and serves as a monitoring and control variable for the heating and rolling process.



Stark Tools (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

W4-1B05, Hall W4-1


STARK TOOLS(SUZHOU)CO.,LTD mainly engaged the manufacture of HSS circular saw blades,the using equipment are exclusively designed by Italy STARK company,Specially designed for the HSS saw blades with Stark brand.All kinds of equipment are fully automatic,make our blades more accurate and durable.




W4-1B17, Hall W4-1

TCT Saw Blade

POWERSAW INC. is a manufacturer of metal cold saw, located in the industrial city next to the capital of Korea, The company was established in 1999, A professional enterprise engaged in tool production and processing enterprises, 2005 began to independent research and development of metal cutting circular saw blade, metal solid rod, steel pipe, etc.

Suitable for all kinds of metal cutting industry, solid bar, pipe and other metal cutting, has the advantages of fast speed, smooth cutting surface.



Jiangsu Yongteli Machinery Co.,Ltd

W4-2C18, Hall W4-2

Jiangsu Yongteli Machinery Co. , Ltd. is an enterprise specializing manufacturing pipe equipment, with nearly 40 years of R&D and manufacturing experience for cold rolling mill. At present, We had independently developed LG (two-roller) , LD (multi-roller) two series of more than 30 kinds of specifications of cold-rolling mill, to serve many non-ferrous, stainless steel, alloy steel, black and other fields of pipe enterprises.



Dalian Field Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

W4A07, Hall W4

Robotic roll changer

input the product specifications, the robot of roll stand will automatically take out the rolls from the library and load it to the robot of roll changer, the robotic roll changer will automatically swap the rolls on the roller stand with the rolls on the mill accordingly, the robots may be used separately for horizontal roll, vertical roll and cleaning. Robotic roll changer can be in-line, or off-line to replace raft type rolls. The off-line robots can serve multiple production lines. The raft can be automatically replaced and transported to the raft replacing station by another robot.




W4F25, Hall W4

Full automatic tube mill

The equipment is combined with the international market demand, with our company LW series unit combined with FF forming technology, developped the automatic square and rectangular tube equipment.
In a very short period of time to finish the adjustment of the forming roller, extreme reduction of the replacement products time,thus improve the efficiency and reduce the productive cost; Because the equipment when produce the different size tubes without any roll change,adopt one set of combined mould, producing the different specifications of the tube,only need to adjust, the roll savings rate at above 90%, thus reducing the cost of the roll.




W4-2A06, Hall W4-2

Stainless steel pipe polishing machine

1.main motor adopt variable frequency motor, polishing speed can reach to 70 meters/min, stable, durable easily operate and low failure rate.

2.extended polishing shaft, can install 300mm thick polishing wheel, polishing speed is 2 times faster compare the common machines ,polishing quality better and one time pass.

3.the machine body adopts box base with dust collection box, more convenient to take the dust out.


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