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Heat Treatment Products for Tube & Pipe industry Assembled @Tube China 2023!

Heat treatment is one of the important processes in mechanical manufacturing. By changing the microstructure inside the workpiece or changing the chemical composition of the workpiece surface, it can endow or improve the performance of the workpiece. As the core link of the steel product process, heat treatment equipment has always been strictly controlled by enterprises.


14-16 June, 2023, You can find more suppliers of heat treatment solutions and equipment for tube & pipe industry at Tube China 2023. 




W4B01, Hall W4

CFI8 HF welder

Thermatool's CFI8 HF welder is backed by the highly recognized welding process and material knowledge, providing customers of the new energy battery industry the best approach to meeting challenging, every day welding application needs.
ThermatoolAutoMatchTM extends the frequency tracking feature on the basis of the patented technology , it provides stable welding frequency, even with changes in weld area setup, tube OD and wall thickness.



Taicang Huarui vacuum furnace industry Co., Ltd                        

W4G11, Hall W4

Vacuum furnace

Vacuum furnace, that is, in the furnace chamber this specific space in the use of vacuum system (by vacuum pump, vacuum measuring device, vacuum valve and other components carefully assembled) will be part of the furnace chamber material discharge, so that the pressure in the furnace chamber is less than a standard atmospheric pressure, the space in the furnace chamber to achieve vacuum state.       




W4C10, Hall W4

CLIN : Controlled Liquid Ionic

Nitrocarburizing CLIN treatments are thermochemical Nitrocarburizing and Oxynitrocarburizing treatments.Using ionic liquid bath (salt bath) as rapid heat transfer medium and high source of nitrogen (and carbon) species, liquid nitro carburizing enriches the surface of ferrous materials with nitrogen (and small amounts of carbon).
PVD: Deposit thin film of a vaporized material onto a substrate (workpiece).




E1B02, Hall E1


This equipment protective gas (GAS) in the furnace adopts built-in DX GAS to achieve oxidation-free bright heat treatment. For the pipes with high anti-decarbonization requirements, the RX protection gas generation device and carbon potential management can be installed to achieve the anti-decarbonization effect.



Guangzhou Sinon Combustion Technology Co.,Ltd

W4D26, Hall W4

Ultra velocity burner SFSV

Gas burner SFSV is an ultra-high velocity burner, with a maximum flame outlet velocity of 180 m/s. 11 specifications are available within the capacity range of 30~1400 kW. The SFSV adopts a delayed mixing structure to delay the mixing process of air and gas and reduce the flame temperature in combustion chamber. At the same time, the high velocity flame recirculates a large amount of flue gas and effectively reduces the generation of NOx. Fuel: LPG, COG, natural gas and other fuel gas.


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