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Nanoprecise measurement systems

WITTENSTEIN SE is expanding its brand essence

The industrial grade IDS3010 measuring sensor with sub-nanometer resolution from attocube systems AG, a company of the WITTENSTEIN Group © WITTENSTEIN SE

Munich-based attocube systems AG – for several years now a wholly owned subsidiary of the WITTENSTEIN Group – unveiled the industrial grade IDS3010 measuring sensor with sub-nanometer resolution under the motto "The revolution for high performance engineering: Measurement becomes nanoprecise". WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH's SIZING ASSISTANT was also in the spotlight at 2017 trade shows: this web based application helps users select the optimum gearhead in a matter of seconds.

Groundbreaking innovation for the engineering industry IDS3010: Industrial displacement sensor with sub-nanometer resolution

The ultra-compact and highly dynamic IDS3010 is a contactless inteferometric measuring sensor for the engineering industry. It easily surpasses the performance of other presently available sensor technologies in terms of precision, speed and industrial fitness. With a data acquisition bandwidth of 10 MHz, the IDS3010 simultaneously tracks targets in up to 3 axes at velocities of 2 m/s. 

The sensor provides 10-12 m position resolution and reaches working distances of up to 5 meters. Together with the 0.0 ppm to 3 m measurement uncertainty, which has been officially confirmed by the German National Metrology Institute (PTB), this enables accuracies previously unheard of in industrial position sensing. Among other things, this innovative sensor can be used to calibrate machine tools and coordinate measuring machines, detect the vibration amplitudes of production machinery, carry out highly precise in-line process controls and adjustments, measure the concentricity of motor shafts, crankshafts and camshafts or implement ultra-precise pick-and-place robotic applications, for example in the semiconductor industry. 

Since the sensor heads are absolutely non-invasive, the sensor is also compatible with extreme conditions such as ultra high vacuum, very high or low temperature or radioactive environments. Apart from engineering, the principal target markets are micromanufacturing and semiconductors. Various demonstration models will make the fascination of nanoprecise measurement technology come alive for visitors to the exhibition stand.

Sizing tools as further proof of WITTENSTEIN alpha's sizing expertise

When it comes to drive technology, size really does matter – and WITTENSTEIN alpha has an excellent portfolio of sizing tools for this purpose.

The SIZING ASSISTANT, currently available in 11 different languages, promises "the optimum gearhead in a matter of seconds". This web based application provides a fast way to configure motor gearhead combinations and design machine axes, so that both the time and the computational work which are necessary to achieve the perfect gearhead solution are reduced to a minimum. A few clicks are all it takes to give users a clear overview not only of the smallest, most powerful and most energy efficient gearhead that can be realized but also of possible alternatives. Once the product has been selected, they can download the data sheet and the CAD data directly in various formats, e.g. STEP or IGES, or request an offer online.

The cymex® 5 sizing software enables entire drive trains to be designed without technology or media gaps. The newest Release 2.3 makes it the first sizing tool of its kind to be shipped with a comprehensive database of couplings. Drive trains can now be considered holistically – from the application and its motion profile through the ideal coupling to the gearhead and motor – designed without any risk and seamlessly documented. The integration of WITTENSTEIN's broad portfolio of metal bellows and elastomer couplings as well as torque limiters directly in the design process greatly simplifies the designer's work, and it also saves time and eliminates risks.