Tube China 2022

MITUSA seam welding unit employs linear rails with bearing blocks

MITUSA Inc. has introduced a seam welding unit that uses linear rails with bearing blocks to move as the seam is made on the tube or pipe. According to the company, this design gives the track a strong hold and allows free travel of the carriage. This additional strength contributes to more accuracy during the welding process and allows the welding power source to be mounted on the carriage.

The track is machined to a 0.005-in. straightness tolerance so that the seam can appear as close to straight as possible. The unit base is extra wide to accommodate a hydraulic scissor lift. Parts can be loaded and unloaded without any obstacles in the way, and no cranes or chains are required to guide tube and pipe into position for seam welding.

To access the air bag for replacement, the operator moves an end plate. With the help of a gripper, the operator pull out the old air bag, attach the new bag to the old one, fish out the old air bag from the other side, and feed the new air bag into place. The operator then glues and clamps the air bag ends and puts the end plates back into place. The procedure an hour or less, the company reports.

Source: The Fabricator